Hello! We are Voice Over Market but just call us VOM.


We’re a new simple to use platform which directly connects clients and voice over artists, removing any need to negotiate through a middle man.

VOM promotes open dialogues and fairer fees for all parties. It’s a fresh, clear, transparent way of working. We developed the concept after years of working within the voice over industry. Listening to our friends, peers and colleagues we kept hearing the same complaints; they all expressed a similar concern around client/artist relations. 

They were frustrated about the lack of control, from paying too much in unnecessary fees to late invoices and delayed payments. So we decided to create a solution, built on trust, partnerships and integrity.

VOM redistributes the power, giving you the freedom to be your own voice. For example, if you’re a client looking for voice over talent, you can listen and choose which artist you want to work with. And if you’re an artist you can liaise directly with the client and control all your fees.

We’ll also make it easy and affordable for you to book studio space and we have 25 studios via our network across Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. VOM is brought to you by the passionate team behind Wav Lab, an award-winning studio based in Glasgow. With a 10-year strong reputation delivering voiceover training courses, to overseeing and directing multilingual recording campaigns and deliver voice over recordings to corporate clients around the world.

By introducing another way of doing business, one underpinned by respect and honesty, we’re creating a sustainable voice over community where we can all benefit and grow. 

Our VOM studio collective are in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Cardiff, Swansea, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmigham, Manchester, Bristol and London.


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Not convinced you want to go alone quite yet?

That’s cool, we can still manage your campaign from start to finish. Drop us an email on info@voiceovermarket.co.uk to find out more.